Sujit Subramani Meledath

10+ Years Experience
Based on 1473 Ratings
15,000 + Consultations given
Specific Question/ Life Reading
Fee: 1,1001,600 (Option to pay after consulting)
Availability Time : 10am-10pm
Available Days: All Days except Holidays

About Me

Hi, Sujith Meledath here. I come from a science background and approach astrology Scientifically. I’ve Provided over 20,000 Consultations till date in person, over telephone, mail and Online forums in the past 11 years of my career. I can help you with your life, love, career prospects and decisions. I specialize in providing simple remedies to all your problems ensuring your well-being. If you need my assistance, just let me know by filling in the appointment form below. I’d be glad to help you. I do not promote pooja, havan etc as remedies. All my remedies if any, will not cost you more than 5-10 mins of your time daily.

My Areas of Expertise



B.Sc Chemistry

My Specializations

Half yearly / annual forecast, career, marriage, health, muhurta, gem remedies

I can speak



Advice 99%
Friendliness 100%
Response Time 95%


His advice brought lot of clarity for better decision making. Readings are precise and accurate. Very good experience with Astrologer Sujith Meledath


I was worried about my to be spouse. Sujith Meledath’s advice helped me understand his nature and my compatibility better. Only provided details were Birth time and location.


I came in with lot of concerns. Mostly Health and career related. He really has a deep understanding of the subject and approaches it very scientifically. He summarized all my problems to planetary influence and gave me a simple solution that hardly takes 5 mins of my time. Results speak for themselves and I’m a very happy man today. The consultation was life changing.


Such detailing in his predictions and presented me with the best solutions for my predicaments


What can I say, I was just speechless at his knowledge of the subject. His correlations between my horoscope and life were outstanding. He read out my deepest fears and issues from my horoscope and told me how to cope up with it. Amazing session. Would recommend a Session with Sujith Meledath to anyone who needs help.

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