Sudip Shetty

10+ Years Experience
Based on 24867 Ratings
80000+ Consultations given
Specific Question/ Life Reading
Fee: 9001,500 (Option to pay after consulting)
Availability Time : 10am-10pm
Available Days: All Days except Holidays

About Me

Sudip Shetty is a Tarot card expert who is a life coach for many across the world. His predictions are accurate and his remedies are supremely effective. Mr. Shetty’s clientelle includes cinema stars, cricketers and many others who are quite successful in their profession. His expertise in numerology is also well known and he is consulted by many before naming their child or starting a new business.

My Areas of Expertise



MBA, KP Astrology, Numerology & Tarot

My Specializations

Tarot card, Numerology and Vedic astrology

I can speak



Advice 100%
Friendliness 98%
Response Time 94%

Saketh Ram

This was my first visit to a tarot card reader and it was more educative than a mere reading. Sudip ji is approachable and explains all aspects in a clear manner with easy examples from everyday life.

Tara Mithun

My session with sir gave me insights about my life and my relationships. His tarot reading was excellent and his guidance was very helpful. I am extremely happy and would like to get more readings in future.


Whenever in doubt or dilemma about any situation the only solution I find is approaching sir. He has always helped me through tarot readings and healing process. Me and my family have been going to him for the past 6 years and within those years we have experienced a lot of change and shift in ourselves be it thought process or healing. I am very thankful. Lots of respect.


Identified the issues with my aura and helped me clear my mind. Thank you


I got all of my answers with clarity. He will help to improvise yourself, your goals, your life path.

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