Sridhara CR

10+ Years of Experience
Based on 3214 Ratings
10,000 + Consultations given
Specific Question/ Life Reading
Fee: 1,1001,800 (Option to pay after consulting)
Availability Time : 10am-10pm
Available Days: All Days except Holidays

About Me

I am from the Traditional family of Astrologers where my forefathers was also Astrologers and Hence I learned from my Grandfather and my Prediction is very unique and Authentic to the problems

My Areas of Expertise

>Tamboola Shastra
>Daivavidhi Prashna
>Kundli Milan



My Specializations

Astrological Consultation, Intuitive Guidance, Spiritual Counselling, Gem Consultations, Match making, Horoscope, Vastu Shastra, Life Guidance, Kundli Milan, Career Counselling, Business, Finance

I can speak



Advice 98%
Friendliness 100%
Response Time 96%

Anuradha Suresh

I enjoyed the time spend on my future he is perfect. Sridhara was accurate and also made me rethink my relationship. I will go see him again in January . I recommend him to everyone. he doesn’t say what you want to hear but he says what you SHOULD hear. What you need to make things better. he’s realistic, doesn’t promise you gold.

Amritha Ravi

I always believed in astrology but not astrologers. There was always something iffy about the ones in the city. I was on the lookout for someone who studied astrology in detail and could give an honest feedback. I recently had a talk with Sridhara sir and let me tell you the results were amazing! He was able to tell everything about my past and his insights on my personality, habits, liking, carrier was perfect! I would highly recommend sir to anyone who is interested in knowing / finding solutions in life. He also gave me career guidance according to my planets and stars. He also asked me to note a few dates which would be good for me.

Vaishwath Shankarr

I thoroughly enjoyed the online sessions. Especially the one where he provided us with guidance but emphasized on action, with horoscope reading and he was very generous with his time and really positive. Each session made me feel calmer and positive.

Vidwath Chopra

Took consultation from Guru ji Sridhara regarding my career growth. All his predictions till date have come true and his guidance has provided extra time to prepare myself. Apart from that, I would like to mention about his remedy. His astrological remedies are the best I have ever experienced. You can consult him for any problems, you will definitely get a stable solution.

Raj Raghavan

It was tough to believe how accurate his prediction was. He treated us with utmost respect. I will visit him again also will suggest all my friends to stay away from fraudsters and go for this geniune astrologer. He explains in details and answers all your doubts with lot of patience. Remedies suggested are very easy to do and does not pinch your pocket. God bless you Sridhara Sir for providing guidance hope all your remedies given work for us and we get opportunity to meet you to thank you personally.

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