Raman Agnihotri

10+ Years Experience
Based on 973 Ratings
3000+ Consultations Given
Specific Question/ Life Reading
Fee: 7001,100 (Option to pay after consulting)
Availability Time : 10am-2pm & 4pm-7pm
Available Days: All Days except Holidays

About Me

I, Raman Agnihotri one of the uncommon, new age, unusual vedic astrologer who is knowledgeable, qualified, well informed, broadly voyaged, direct with a coherent bowed of brain. I am committed to remove all the myths about astrology, telling people the exact fact and helping them by improving their life. I am now available here at “Hello.Vedlabs ” where people can easily contact me for Astrology services and where I can share my research work.

My Areas of Expertise

>Astrology >Vastu >Matchmaking


Graduate/ Jyotisharya in Vedic Astrology

My Specializations

Astrological Consultation, Intuitive Guidance, Matchmaking

I can speak

>English >Hindi >Punjabi


Advice 90%
Friendliness 96%
Response Time 100%

Akhilesh M

Raman has an indebt knowledge in astrology. His obeservations are very accurate and spot on. Also he’s very stright forward and says exactly what he sees.

Imran Shaik

Genuine and accurate astrology services. Thanks to the Hello.Vedlabs platform and Astrologer Raman Agnihotri

Aileena Thomas

Took a session with Raman here on hello.vedlabs. I now learnt to respect the knowlege and Science behind astrology after a session. He just decoded my past with my birthdate and place and guessed my curent career and told me my life’s true calling just in a couple of minutes. Impressed.


Raman sir gave meaningful remedies, when I say meaningful remedies that means excat solution for my problem and it realy worked well for me. Was having relationship and finance issues.

Jijo George

Thanks a lot for the assistance. I’ve been able to sort out my workplace issues. Negotiated lesser working hours for the lesser pay and have picked a part time job. Perfect guidance. Thanks a million Raman Sir

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