Prashant Wasthar

16+ Years of Experience
Based on 973 Ratings
3000+ Consultations Given
Specific Question/ Life Reading
Fee: 1,4002,100 (Option to pay after consulting)
Availability Time : 10am-2pm & 4pm-7pm
Available Days: All Days except Holidays

About Me

You are destined to attain success in your endeavors in your day to day life. You commence with talent, sincerity but soon you realize that you are away from the target.WHY ? You have powers courage intelligence, you posses confidence, you are well planned, you control resources necessary to perform. But you have no control over the conflicting sources which are invisible but parading against you due to several reasons. It may be your own fate, rivalries or some jealous person etc behind it. It may be your wrong notions or miscalculations, your behavior towards your clients. How can you know and negate them.You started towards bloom but going to doom and gloom. Can you reverse this process and transform the doom to blossom. The advices of astrologers& good omen also. are unable to retrieve. It may increases your inner energy and strength that “Within reasonable limits of your self” you can achieve wonders in your field of actions like — Jobs, Business, Family Disputes, Property, Health, Marriage, Marriage Disputes and other human problems”. Now the time has arrived for you to prevent and protect yourself from the worldly visual / non visual, evil / negative forces with this POWER You may rightly appreciate that when your negative energies are prevented, Positive waves created, then only you will be able to generate those powerful waves that attract – Health – Wealth, Happiness & fulfill your Wishes.

My Areas of Expertise

>Astrology >Numerology >Vastu >Remedial Astrology >Horoscope >Palmistry


Jodisha ratna Awarded by all india federation of astrologers societies, Diploma In Astrology

My Specializations

Vedic astrologer, Vastu consulting, Palmistry, Horoscope reader.

I can speak

>English >Hindi >Marathi >Telugu >Kannada >Tamil


Advice 90%
Friendliness 96%
Response Time 100%


Prashant ji s advice came at a very tough time in my life and the remedies were surprisingly practical. Massive upturn in my Life. Thank you so much sir.

Alok Mishra

He’s extremely patient and calm. He takes time and gives your clear explanation and remedies which almost has a therapeutic effect. Immensely knowledgeable as well. Also He’s not time bound when a reply takes longer than it should. Tanj you Prashnt Ji

Arnab Charan

Definitely worth your time and money. He has a deep understanding and a grasp of his subject.


Such detailing in his predictions and presented me with the best solutions. Thanks a lot for improving relationships in my life. Thank you Prashnt ji

Kumar M

Extremely happy. And this review is 2 moths after my session with Prashant Ji. Extremely accurate predictions and some of the best life advises i’ve received.

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