Gyanendra Kumar Pathak

20+ Years Experience
Based on 4768 Ratings
15000+ Consultations given
Specific Question/ Life Reading
Fee: 1,1001,800 (Option to pay after consulting)
Availability Time : 10am-10pm
Available Days: All Days except Holidays

About Me

Hi, I’am Gyanendra Pathak from Maharastra with over 20 years of experience in guiding people with the help of astrology. I specialize in Vedic astrology and have worked with many high profile clients. I can assist you with all your life concerns from love, health, finance to career guidance. Everyone has a path in life illuminated by a road-map of stars. I am here to guide you through the path using Astrology as a tool. To talk to me, just book a consultation by filling in your details below.

My Areas of Expertise



Jyotishacharya Degree from B.H.U, Banaras

My Specializations

Vedic Astrology, Kundli

I can speak



Advice 100%
Friendliness 98%
Response Time 94%

Sambit Rajendra

Gyanendra Kumar is like a God for me, he helped in my financial and marital life and the predictions he made were perfect and the things he told helped me reach the position I am in today. I highly recommend him for growth in your personal and professional life. Thanks a lot.

Siresh Patnayak

Hello.Vedlabs changed my life from sadness to happiness. They are a big-hearted company with best astrologers and logical remedies. Thank you Gyanendra Kumar ji.

Alok Trivedi

Foreign settlement astrology – thanks to Gyanendra Kumar ji ( astrologer gyanendra ) for giving me advice and remedies with the help of which i was able to settle abroad in Sydney, Australia .

Seema B

I found him to be extremely diplomatic… If asked a question he said both yes and no and maybe… For Everything. So any possibility of predictions is possible. Ithought a good astrologer says one thing not three variations. But when the time came, i had multiple choices gor my life and career and his potential outputs for the choices i made helped me immensely. Thanks a lot Mr. Gyanendra Kumar

Mohan Shah

I never believed in astrology and at first and reluctantly visited him due to family pressure and it really worked for me. I will not say it has given me a magical response but my personal life improved a lot.I really suggest every one that if looking for genuine astrology services go with Gyanendra Kumar

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