Acharya Murari Lal Gautam

22+ Years Experience
Based on 3984 Ratings
15000+ Consultations given
Specific Question/ Life Reading
Fee: 9001,500 (Option to pay after consulting)
Availability Time : 10am-10pm
Available Days: All Days except Holidays

About Me

I’ve been working as an astrologer over the past 22 years. I treat astrology as a science and help you understand and resolve your issues by altering unwanted planetary influences to improve your quality of life in all aspects.

My Areas of Expertise

>Birth Chart Making


M.A, B.Ed , Jyotishacharya in Vedic Astrology

My Specializations

Astrological Consultation, Intuitive Guidance, Matchmaking

I can speak



Advice 100%
Friendliness 98%
Response Time 94%

Justin Joseph

Small improvement in life may leads to a great changes in future and that was happened in my life after consultation from guruji . He just pointed out astrologically the truth of my life and steps to Improvement and suggested me some yantra after wearing it I have notice little changes in my life and felt some positive enhancement but it meant a lot blessings to me and I am very very satisfied with my life . thanks a lot

Sankana S

i consulted vedlas for my career. I was working from last 13 year successfully in MNC ,and from last couple of years ,i am not getting promotion and good hike in salary, which is now directly impacting on my financial condition. I consulted with Acharya Murari Lal Gautam and he suggested some cure after studying my horoscope. Now I am working as VP Finance in the same company with happy family life. Thank you Vedlabs, you are doing excellent work for community

Aazil Abdul

There are no words to describe Pandit Murari Lal Ji. I have called him so many times and without any hesitation he answers all my questions so patiently as the first time. He is great. Thanks Sir.

Virat Singh

Relieved after talking to Murari Ji, no nonsense.. he listens all your issue patiently and gives pretty easy & doable solution.

Ajesh Gopi

Without any doubt, Murari Ji, is very talented Astrologer. What he says, come true 100%. Even more, he is so simple, but truly divine personality. I thank you very much for everything you have done for me .

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