Acharya Dinesh Mishra

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About Me

Hi all, I’m Dinesh Mishra from Ayodhya. I’ve graduated as an Acharya in 2010 from Sampoornanad Sanskrit University, Banaras and established myself as an astrologer to help people. I’m currently settled in delhi and have been here since 2010 and am doing my best to help people online and offline. I can help you all your life concerns. So do not hesitate to seek my assistance. I’m more than happy to help. Jai Shree Ram

My Areas of Expertise

>Matchmaking >Remedies


Jyotish Acharya

My Specializations

Vaidik astrology .hastrekha & vastu

I can speak



Advice 100%
Friendliness 98%
Response Time 94%

Amal Abdul

Initially quite nervous as it was my first experience with an astrologer. But Acharya Dinesh put me at ease immediately with his kind and pleasant disposition! He was very prepared, having done a great deal of research and analysis before our appointment. Not only was he extremely thorough and detailed in his analysis, but he also took the time to explain to me how he arrived at the conclusions that he did. He was very willing to answer any of the questions that I had, even if those questions were complex or broad. He is so generous with his time and genuinely interested in helping others understand their life’s path. I came to him at a time where I had many questions about many different aspects of my life, and I left with all the answers that I was seeking. Highly recommended!! Thank you again


Acharya Dinesh Mishra has an indebt knowledge in astrology. Whatever he said was absolutely correct !! Thank You very much for the prediction. He is polite as well as straight forward. Highly recommended to all !! 😊🙏


Very good predictions Thankuu so much Dinesh ji 🤗🤗

Geo George

I just found Acharya Dinesh online. He gave me good insight into my life and struggle. He has given me great guidance. I’m suppose to follow up in month. Am sure his path will help me.


I liked the practical approach to the problem and Mr. Dinesh’s solutions to them in a very do-able way. I’m very happy I could use his expertise and remodel my house accordingly. He has knowledge in various fields and uses colour, materials to counteract negative aspects in house and increase positivity in the house.

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